The real “scoop” on FlaxUSA.

First Ever Flaxmilk to be Released at Walmart, April 11th!

Our last few posts have informed you on the unbelievable preventative properties of flax and how you can consume it while on the go.  But in truth, we have been holding back.  We are pleased to announce our new product which will not only help you consume flax on the go, but will make consuming it as easy as drinking a glass of milk.

We are FlaxUSA, the North Dakota company that grows and markets Golden Omega Flax Seed.  We are pleased to introduce the first and only product of its kind on the market, Flaxmilk – available exclusively at Walmart beginning April 11th, 2011!  We are sure you will run out to buy it for the following reasons:

• It’s made from the finest natural ingredients including flax oil from cold pressed unrefined flax seed , whole golden milled flax seed and cane sugar.
• It provides a balanced source of Omega-3 and Omega 6 “good fats,” which most diets are deficient in!
• Provides 1,100 mg PER SERVING!
• It comes in two flavors to choose from –vanilla and original!
• It is free of the allergens that can be found in other milks – Dairy Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free and Soy Free.
• And you won’t be missing out:  Flaxmilk contains just as much calcium as dairy milk!

    And of course there’s that other compelling reason you should use Flaxmilk – convenience!  None of the other milks – traditional, rice, soy or almond provide the kind of preventative health qualities that Flaxmilk will!  And now that you know that flax is an essential part of your diet, and getting your flax on the go is as easy as pouring a glass of milk, how can you not buy Flaxmilk?

    Watch this blog for more product launch information and sign up to become an Ambassador today, so that we can tell the world that the first and only Flaxmilk is soon to arrive on April 11th!

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